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Inada Massage

Welcome to the state of the art Inada massage chair; the best device of it's kind that I have found. I truly believe that this is a great adjunct to chiropractic treatment.

Massage is a fantastic therapy, soothing tired muscles, relaxing tight areas which affect your skeletal structure and generally de-stressing the body.  The massage chair, although not a therapy by itself,aims to mimic the movements and strokes of the massage therapist and will enhance your whole body chiropractic experience.
Half price introductory offer - £5.00 for a 15 minute back massage
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If you are unfamiliar with, or have shied away from hands-on massage in the past, why not introduce yourself to the wider benefits of massage. Experience the customized massage that the Inada Massage chair has to offer.

Lay back, relax, de-stress, sooth or pamper .
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